Spirited Sculptures
Oh, my Bronze Babies and my Machievellian Nudes. 
Simply click on any image to your right to see it in a larger format to appreciate it's energy. 
This Gallery holds the three dimensional that reveals the 5th dimension.  I started doing bronze over three years ago and found a process that is FAR more powerful than the product.  Yet every piece possesses the energy of me personally melting solid bronze over 2000 degrees and pouring it into molds that came from my hand personally sculpting to allow it to exist for hundreds of lifetimes (just like the soul).  You draw the connections. 
The Nudes are lyrically painted mannequins, with only shapes and forms that honor human form in its absolute beauty.  To me, I have translated isolated thoughts, dreams and creations that our human form elicits indicates and reflected it back to you.