Vistas, Views & Spirituality
These watercolors and pastels add to the subtle energies that flow in our world as we see it, feel it and receive it.  Their power is deep. 
Simply click on any image to your right to see it in a larger format to appreciate it's energy. Perfect for home or office or meditation.  Enjoy the Connections! 
Some pieces are already in private collections and are unavailable for purchase, but reproductions of a select number of these are available.  As a result of exhibitions and gallery openinings, a fair amount of the originals are framed and matted and for additional costs can be shipped to you in that state, or just original art well-protected. 
Artist..."When I speak to the patron commissioning a piece, I find connections and request photographs in order to create a piece that energetically holds their essence.  These paintings are the most alive, like children living in Joy & Exuberance."